Sunday Times

The Necessity Of Boredom

Creativity is about challenging, exploring, questioning and playing with new ideas and ways of thinking.

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Loneliness in a time of love

Suffering in silence? Many new mums are unprepared for the feelings of isolation that come with the birth of their child

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Pornography and the developing teenage brain

The developing brain is often unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality especially in the case of pornography

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Think Presence, Not Presents

Creating a strong bond with your child

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Nurture a bright future

Your infant’s mental health needs are yours to meet.

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How Many Mothers Will You Be Celebrating This Mothers Day?

Our changing society brings it’s own challenges – with some children in blended families celebrating more than one mother figure.

Online Bullying is Fuelled by Changes in our Culture

Some children may be missing out on a key stage of their development.

Sweets and treats? We’re teaching children all the wrong lessons

Many parents use sweet food as a motivation for children - but what effect does this have in later life?

Here’s why your mother sets your love life – and how to change it

Our first relationships set the pattern for everything that comes later.

Taking kids to beauty salons? It’s far from child’s play

From junior manicures to baby clothes reading “I’m too sexy” – this sexualisation of children isn’t just a bit of fun

Children are conditioned from birth to develop ‘brand loyalty’

Toys don’t just let children ‘play’ anymore – they are constantly selling to them

Easy access to pornographic images is adversely affecting young people

Early exposure to online pornography – much of which is violent or degrading – is desensitising young people and contributing to the normalisation of rape and domestic violence.

Our increasingly touch-phobic society is bad for children

Boys can sometimes have problems expressing their feelings – we must empower them so they grow into the kind of men our society really needs.

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