15 Minute Parenting

15-Minute Parenting

Play is the language of children

Play is much more than a box of toys in the corner of a room in your home, Play is a state of mind and a way of being. Before you enter your child's world of play, take a moment to ground yourself, shake off the seriousness of adult life and be truly present. This is not to say that play isn't serious business, it is and I often think the complexity of play is its apparent simplicity. Play can be fun, free and simply evolve from the moment we find ourselves in and that is wonderful. Play can also be a way of connecting in a difficult time, a way of getting heard through seemingly soundproof walls and a way of getting a particular message across be that from child to parent or parent to child.

Stage One

Age 0-3

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Stage Two

Age 3-5

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Stage Three

Age 5-7

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