15 Minute Parenting

Parenting is for life and it’s a 24/7 job, every day of the year! While it is one of the most rewarding experiences life can offer, it can also be frustrating when faced with challenging behaviour. What if I told you, that just “15 minutes” of mindful play each day in you and your child’s routine could change all that? Play is the language of children. It is how they communicate. By rediscovering the joy of play as an adult, you can access a whole new way to understand and respond to your child’s needs.

Created with busy Mums and Dads in mind, in 15-Minute Parenting psychotherapist and parenting expert Joanna Fortune has devised a unique childcare method structured around 15-minute games that can be easily incorporated into your existing daily routine. From newborns to the age of seven, her techniques are underpinned by research, neuroscience and therapeutic theories and are designed to address common behavioural issues you will meet as your child grows, including:

Anxiety, Lashing Out, Whining, Boredom, Sibling Rivalry and Demands For Independence.

15 Minute Parenting contains everything your child needs to grow into a happy, confident and resilient adult. It’s child's play really!

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