Play Out Your Stress!

I am so aware of the sharp increase in our collective stress levels this week as we face adapting (again) to physical restrictions with the emotional impact that brings in it's wake.

Our children are sponges for the emotional resonance we exude but this doesn't mean that we should hide or seek to conceal our stress and worry...that doesn't work and serves only to teach them not to bring those tricky feelings to us.

I'm suggesting we turn to play. Play out our stress and the themes that are emerging together. Use story play, sensory play and role play. #DanceTheMoodies away (p188 0-7 years book) by just playing a song and everyone drops what they are doing to move, sway and sing. Rhythm and synchrony fuel co-regulation. Make a #laughterpuddle (p138 teenage years book) by lying on the floor and having your child lie with their head on your tummy and next person rests their head on that person's tummy and so on until you have everyone involved. Now you start laughing so that your tummy vibrates their head then they pick up the laugh and so on. Soon what starts as a contrived laugh results in you all making a puddle of laughter. Laughter releases held tension in the body.

Comment below with what play you turn to in stressful times and be sure to mind yourselves, we are our children's emotional thermostats, we matter, we deserve #selfcare I like massage and a blowdry (skin to skin touch is very soothing and regulating) but what do you do?

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