Nuturing the Parent/Child connection for today’s world

Media Profile

Author: Joanna is a published Author.  She has contributed academic papers to journals and a chapter to a book (Further Notes on the Child - Lacanian Psychoanalysis with Babies, Children and Adolescents by Karnac Books) and her first solo written book, 15 Minute Parenting - the quick and easy way to connect with your child was published in Ireland by Gill Books in 2017.  15 Minute Parenting - the 3 book seriestaking parents from infancy right up to young adulthood will be published by UK publisher Bookouture (an imprint of Hatchette Books) in May 2020 along with Digital publication and audio book versions.
Podcasts:Joanna is a regular guest on parenting podcasts and will be launching her own 15 minute parenting podcast in 2020.
TEDx: Joanna is a TEDx speaker since 2017 when she delivered her TEDx talk on Social Media - the ultimate shame game? Watch it here
Webinars: Joanna delivers Webinars for mental health professional organisations such as UK based NScience and in 2020 she will launch her own 15 Minute Parenting Webinar Series Keep an eye here for more details
Social Media: Joanna Has an active social media presence on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram where she shares posts about interesting articles, things she is involved in such as articles, media appearances, upcoming talks and trainings and she posts Therapeutic Play Tips on her Instagram Stories.  Do follow her on her social media platforms here